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Throwback Attack: How NotPetya Ransomware Took Down Maersk

In 2017, one of the most widespread and devastating cyberattacks was perpetrated against worldwide shipping giant Maersk. It started on a quiet afternoon in June, when staffers began seeing messages advising them that their file […]

Throwback Attack: How Stuxnet changed cybersecurity

During the second Bush Administration, there was great concern about the rapid progress of the Iranian enrichment program, which would likely lead to the attainment of weapons-grade uranium. The center of that operation was, and […]

Throwback Attack: Lessons from the Aurora vulnerability

Lessons can be learned from prior cybersecurity efforts, even older ones, as this 2007 demonstration showed. Are you aware of the eight ways to mitigate the Aurora vulnerability? In 2007, the Department of Homeland Security, […]

Understand the cyber-attack lifecycle

A cyber kill chain provides a model for understanding the lifecycle of a cyber attack and helps those involved with critical infrastructure improve cybersecurity policies, technologies, training, and industrial control system (ICS) design. Learn 8 steps of one model.

The human asset in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity education: Human hacking, the compromise of human assets, is often the first step in a cybersecurity breach, even if or when technical systems are secure. Help coworkers and those in your supply chain to avoid being the entry point for attack. Learn attack methods, five attack types and five prevention techniques.

Daniel E. Capano
Daniel E. Capano is senior project manager, Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects, and on the Control Engineering Editorial Advisory Board.