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Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: March 2024

ICSP’s top 5 articles from March 2024 covered connecting IT and OT, regulating AI and a recently uncovered malware that targets OT systems.

Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: July 2023

The top 5 articles from July 2023 covered the riskiest OT devices, how AI will impact cybersecurity and challenges facing IT/OT convergence.

Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: June 2023

The top 5 articles from June 2023 covered zero-trust architecture, protecting MES and driving Industry 4.0 through IT/OT convergence.

Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: April 2023

The top 5 from April 2023 covered the Biden administration’s National Cyber Strategy, cyber simulation training and the risks of connectivity.

Why supply chain attacks create a target-rich environment

Supply chain attacks insights Traditional cyberattacks are a one-to-one relationship between adversary and target. With the supply chain, it becomes a force multiplier because a single attack can be the access point to multiple targets. […]

Throwback Attack: DDoS attacks are born in the Big Ten

Every insidious and pervasive menace plaguing society has to begin somewhere. As more and more devices are connected to networks and information is shunted to the cloud, industrial cyberattacks continue to rise. Sophos’ recent State […]

Throwback Attack: The Marconi wireless hack of 1903

Sometimes the gap between the unveiling of a life-altering new technology and the corruption of that technology is exceedingly small. Take, for example, wireless technology, a potent attack vector in modern times. It’s also something […]

Ron Brash Interview: Expert advice on the CVSS and OT Systems

With the rise ransomware and increasingly frequent attacks on national critical Infrastructure, the U.S. government has tried to step in with a few measures to shore up cybersecurity. These have included things like the Executive […]

Six key takeaways from Black Hat USA 2021

In early August, the industry’s largest hybrid event – Black Hat USA 2021 – took place online and at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. The event, which highlighted the latest security trends […]

Securing Facilities: Expert Interview Series, Bryan Bennett, ESD

Cyberattacks on industrial manufacturing and government facilities have been on the rise, but securing facilities takes more than just a shrewd and effective information technology (IT) department. There also needs to be buy-in from operational […]

Molson Coors cyberattack impacts production, shipments

Another major company has fallen victim to a cyberattack that has caused significant disruptions to its business operations. In an SEC filing, Chicago-based brewing and beverage company Molson Coors recently acknowledged they experienced a systems […]

Gary Cohen
Gary Cohen
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