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IoT security: The threat before us

Attackers are increasingly gaining footholds into corporate environments to conduct ransomware or data theft operations via Internet-connected smart devices. Whether they be printers, lockers, aquariums or conference rooms, these seemingly innocuous access points to corporate […]

Unintended consequences: When a cyberattack goes wild

In 1988, a Harvard graduate began an experiment to see how many computers were connected to the Internet. Twenty-four hours later, 10% of all computers around the world had been taken down, and the damages […]

The elevation of cybercrime to terrorism threat status

Prior to the late ’90s, terrorist groups were most often viewed through the lens of law enforcement and crime, not as a national security priority. Their pursuit was led by the FBI and international police […]

Marcus Fowler
Marcus Fowler
Marcus Fowler is director of strategic threat at Darktrace.