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Securing cloud data is a challenge for many companies

To accommodate remote work and improve efficiency, 85% of IT organizations are considering or already using the public cloud. However, with some of their most crucial data still located within the corporate perimeter, NetOps must come up […]

Eight remote work cybersecurity commitments for 2021

According to a Ponemon study, 82% of cybersecurity expenditures go toward post-hoc measures, such as detection, containment and recovery. Only 18% of budgets are invested in prevention – yet financial figures may not be the […]

Five remote work cybersecurity risks for the COVID-19 era

Many chief information security officers (CISOs) sacrificed cybersecurity as a major priority in an effort to enable employees to perform remote work when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Much of the workforce plans on operating this […]

NordVPN Teams
NordVPN Teams
NordVPN Teams is a cloud-based virtual private network service for businesses.