Four benefits of OT endpoint security asset management

In information technology (IT), organizations have options to choose from to discover and aggregate asset information. In operation technology (OT), security asset management – discovery, inventory, risk evaluation, etc. – is more difficult given the […]

Three benefits of a 360-degree vulnerability assessment

Defending critical infrastructure environments requires 360-degree visibility into asset and network vulnerabilities, which is why a vulnerability assessment is so important. Vulnerability management teams often face difficulties in patching all of their systems on a […]

Compensating controls in ICS cybersecurity

Most operational technology (OT) environments use scan-based patching tools, which are pretty standard but not overly insightful to show us what assets we have and how they are configured. What is really needed is robust […]

Rick Kaun
Rick Kaun
Rick Kaun is the VP Solutions at Verve Industrial Protection.