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What OT teams can learn from IT strategies and structure

IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) teams have historically and traditionally been separated over the years – and for good reason. Their priorities are different. Their approaches and processes are different. They are truly […]

How the remote workforce has changed data security

As we made an almost overnight move to a remote workforce as a result of the pandemic, we have increased data security risks and new risks for data exfiltration. The result of this is inevitable […]

How ransomware hackers are trying to bribe employees

It has been said that anything is for sale for the right price, and that includes your most trusted employees. Bribes can turn trusted employees into malicious insiders who secretly help launch a ransomware attack […]

Six steps to an effective cybersecurity plan

A Wall Street Journal article discusses a new set of attacks on electrical distribution providers. These attacks have targeted providers too small to be NERC regulated but may serve a critical infrastructure such as dams […]

Six steps for cyberattack incident response planning

How a company responds to an incident is important. The wrong response could damage the company’s reputation or destroy it altogether. A proactive and timely response to an incident can result in great press and […]