ISASecure Certification benefits

Courtesy: Brett Sayles
Courtesy: Brett Sayles

The certification issued by an ISASecure Accredited Certification Body is the highest global recognition for cybersecurity-related products and demonstrates that the applicable ISA/IEC 62443 requirements have been met throughout the whole lifecycle.

Why obtain the ISASecure Certification?

The benefits of ISASecure certification are many. In particular, it:

  • Establishes a higher level of trust

  • Improves product security

  • Establishes company policy for the use of ISA/IEC 62443

  • Updates product development processes to comply with IEC 62443

  • Proves a proactive approach to achieve competence in cybersecurity

  • Improves product sales via the use of the globally recognized ISASecure Certification

The primary benefit of third-party conformity certification is that it establishes trust between asset owners, product suppliers and service providers. Indeed, the independence and capability of an accredited third-party assessor provides a higher level of trust.

In addition, the certification improves the safety, integrity, availability and confidentiality of industrial automation control systems (IACS) using a risk-based, methodical and complete process throughout the entire lifecycle, including the secure design, implementation and validation of the system.

The combination of technology with sufficiently trained people and work processes ensures the safety, integrity, availability and confidentiality of a control system. All of this makes the system less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

The certification assessment also helps decrease the time, cost and risk of developing control systems by establishing a collaborative program between asset owners, product suppliers and service providers.

In this way, the development of industry standards, in general, can accelerate by certifying control systems that meet a common set of requirements as a proof of major product security according to the IEC 62443 international standards.

Lastly, the certification supports a proactive approach to achieve competence in cybersecurity, which is a very important point in favor for product suppliers.

For all of these reasons, ISASecure Certification improves product security, and consequently improves product sales thanks to the use of the certification in product marketing.

Which products can be certified?

Product suppliers can certify various types of IACS systems and components identified by the reference standard IEC 62443:

  • IACS components, such as embedded devices, host devices, network devices and software applications

  • IACS systems/control systems consisting of a set of IACS components

  • Automation solutions combining IACS systems and components

  • IACS including the automation solution and the policies for its maintenance

Types of ISASecure certificates

The ISASecure Certification scheme covers three types of certificates. For all of these, the conformity assessment must be conducted with the aim of evaluating the procedures that describe the product, identifying the applicable requirements and providing the methodology to assess that IEC 62443 standards have been met.

The types of certificates are:

  • ISASecure Security Development Lifecycle Assurance (SDLA) according to IEC 62443-4-1

  • ISASecure System Security Assurance (SSA) according to IEC 62443-3-3

  • ISASecure Component Security Assurance (CSA) according to IEC 62443-4-2

It is mandatory to obtain the SDLA certificate before applying for either SSA or CSA certificates.

A certificate lasts three years and may be extended once the product supplier passes a recertification audit.




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