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Cyber Awareness, Ep. 2: Mike Nelson on Avoiding Scams

For the second episode of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we welcomed back Mike Nelson, of CyberCX, to discuss avoiding scams, the real-world implications of cybersecurity and the realistic hacking scenes in “Mr. Robot.”

Mike Nelson, Director of Strategy and Consulting, CyberCX

Mike Nelson is a Director leading CyberCX’s U.S. Strategy and Consulting team with 12-plus years of global cybersecurity consulting experience. Beginning his career with 8-plus years at Price Waterhouse Coopers, and since moving to CyberCX, […]

Ep. 31: Mike Nelson on Building a Cyber Strategy

When it comes to OT cybersecurity, too many companies are asking the same question: Where do we start? This week, Mike Nelson of CyberCX joined us to discuss the value of security testing, why organizational […]