Ep. 37: Luis Narvaez on bringing SOAR/SOC to OT

In OT, things that are standard to IT — such as cybersecurity SOAR processes and SOC — are less prevalent. Bringing SOAR and SOC standards to OT systems is critical as industrial cyberattacks increase in frequency and severity. […]

Ep. 36: Ganesh Chellappa on large language models in cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is beginning to play a larger role in protecting operational technology. From threat detection to vulnerability management, AI can speed up certain processes and prevent hacks and attacks. On this podcast, we talk to Ganesh Chellappa […]

Ep. 35: Steve Stone on the Hard Truths of Data Security

Cyberattacks are inevitable, but too many organizations aren’t prepared. According to a new report by Rubrik, 96% of leaders are concerned their organizations will be unable to maintain business continuity if they experience an attack. […]

Ep. 12: Josh Eastburn on Edge Computing

Edge computing provides many benefits to organizations, but it also opens up new attack surfaces threat actors can exploit. In this week’s episode, Josh Eastburn of EMQ Technologies discusses the benefits and cyber risks of […]

Ep. 3: Haydn Povey on the State of IIoT Security

How critical is the need for better security in the next generation of IIoT products? With the World Economic Forum taking it up as a cause, IIoT is moving to the forefront of cybersecurity concerns. […]