Ep. 47: Brad Hibbert on Third-Party Risk Management

50% of respondents still rely on spreadsheets and multiple tools for third-party risk management. In this episode of the ICS Pulse Podcast, we talk to Brad Hibbert of Prevalent about the company’s 2024 Third-Party Risk […]

Ep. 41: Itzik Kotler on the ABC’s of Cybersecurity

Advancing technology has given the world multitudes of business improvements, but it also brings complexity, which opens up new vulnerabilities. How can you keep up your cyber hygiene so you’re prepared for the next inevitable cyberattack? On this […]

Ep. 39: Dom Lombardi on Mobile Device Management

As more people work from home and use their own devices, the threat landscape is increasing exponentially. Your networks should never go down because someone wants to watch their personal Netflix account. On this podcast, Dom Lombardi of […]

Ep. 37: Luis Narvaez on bringing SOAR/SOC to OT

In OT, things that are standard to IT — such as cybersecurity SOAR processes and SOC — are less prevalent. Bringing SOAR and SOC standards to OT systems is critical as industrial cyberattacks increase in frequency and severity. […]

Ep. 36: Ganesh Chellappa on large language models in cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is beginning to play a larger role in protecting operational technology. From threat detection to vulnerability management, AI can speed up certain processes and prevent hacks and attacks. On this podcast, we talk to Ganesh Chellappa […]