Ep. 23: Debbie Gordon on Cyber Simulation Training

Organizations spend countless dollars and man hours hardening their systems against cyberattacks; however, it’s also essential to train employees to identify threats. This week, Debbie Gordon of Cloud Range discusses why employees play a vital […]

Ep. 21: Eric Byres on using AI for Vulnerability Management

Managing vulnerabilities on industrial devices can be a tedious and time consuming process. This week, Eric Byres of aDolus Technology discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with managing vulnerabilities, as well as software bill […]

Ep. 18: Thomas Pace on the State of Cybersecurity

With new government intervention in the cybersecurity space, discussion around vulnerabilities, risk management and SBOMs has increased. This week, we talk to Thomas Pace of Netrise about the state of cybersecurity.

Ep. 17: Matt Leipnik on Getting Cybersecurity Buy-In

While spending money to prevent an attack is a lot cheaper than the cost of remediating a successful attack, it can still be hard to get C-suite buy-in for increased cybersecurity, and especially an increased […]

Ep. 15: Yair Attar on Asset Management

There’s an old saying in cybersecurity: You cannot protect what you cannot see. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to truly understand their environment. This week, Yair Attar of Otorio discusses why you need better asset management […]

Ep. 14: Ryan Heidorn on the CMMC

The Department of Defense is rolling out the CMMC to help standardize cybersecurity for defense contractors and vendors. Why? Because we’re losing IP at “an insane rate.” In this week’s episode, Ryan Heidorn of Steel […]

Ep. 11: Bryan Bennett on Cybersecurity Management

In our increasingly connected world, almost everything is ripe for attack — that includes the building you’re probably sitting in right now. In this week’s episode, Bryan Bennett of ESD discusses building automation security and […]

Ep. 10: Dino Busalachi on Tabletop Exercises

One of the best ways to minimize damage from cyberattacks is to be prepared for them, but too many organizations don’t think about response until an incident has occurred. This week, Dino Busalachi talks about […]