Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: April-May 2024

Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Courtesy: Brett Sayles

Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse’s top 5 articles from April and May 2024 covered information technology (IT)/operational technology (OT) integration, third-party risk management and building automation cybersecurity. As we do almost every month, we also talked about the massive impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having on industrial cybersecurity. Here is our top-performing content from the past two months.

1. Podcast Ep. 47: Brad Hibbert on third-party risk management

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, WTWH Media

50% of respondents still rely on spreadsheets and multiple tools for third-party risk management. In this episode of the ICS Pulse Podcast, we talked to Brad Hibbert of Prevalent about the company’s 2024 Third-Party Risk Management Study and how to create more effective risk management practices.

2. Podcast Ep. 45: Steve Carroll and Dave Jennings on building automation cybersecurity

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, WTWH Media

In the modern, interconnected environment, almost everything is vulnerable to cyberattacks, including the buildings in which we live, work and play. In this edition of the ICS Pulse Podcast, we talked to Steve Carroll and Dave Jennings of Salas O’Brien about how to protect building automation systems and why security standards are needed.

3. Podcast Ep. 46: Matt Wiseman on the massive impact of OT decisions

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, WTWH Media

When it comes to OT cybersecurity, every decision can have massive impact on company finances,
human life and safety and more. In this episode of the ICS Pulse Podcast, we talked to Matt Wiseman of OPSWAT about getting IT and OT to work together and how AI/ML can help simplify the process.

4. New study finds 60% increase in AI-driven phishing attacks

By Zscaler, Inc.

Cloud security company Zscaler recently announced the release of the Zscaler ThreatLabz 2024 Phishing Report. The data revealed a year-over-year increase of nearly 60% in global phishing attacks, fueled in part by the proliferation of generative AI-driven schemes such as voice phishing (vishing) and deepfake phishing.

5. Malware Profile: TrickBot targets industrial organizations

By Gary Cohen, WTWH Media

TrickBot malware is a banking Trojan released in 2016, but it has since evolved well past that. It is now a modular, multiphase malware capable of a wide variety of illicit operations, from stealing credentials and data, to installing backdoors to enable remote access, to downloading and installing other malware or ransomware to carry out secondary attacks.




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