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Cybersecurity awareness metrics: What to measure and how

Defining Awareness First, what is a cybersecurity awareness program? It is a structured approach to managing an organization’s human risk. You can gauge and measure the maturity of an awareness program by using the Security […]

Cybersecurity tactics to defend your workforce

As an organization’s security awareness grows, it’s important to know what cybersecurity tactics to communicate to the workforce during these unprecedented times. As security professionals, it is important to keep the communications calm, simple and […]

Benefits of developing a security awareness program

Creating a strong metrics framework for your security awareness program can help companies measure the overall impact and demonstrate value to a company’s leadership if it’s aligned with the company’s strategic priorities. Defining security awareness […]

Three ways to engage your workforce in 2022

One of the biggest challenges we consistently hear from security awareness professionals is how to effectively engage, train, and secure a remote workforce. Many of us thought remote working would end in 2021, that life […]

Lance Spitzner
Lance Spitzner
Lance Spitzner has over 20 years of security experience in cyber threat research, security architecture and awareness training and is a SANS senior instructor.