The ICS Pulse Podcast discusses major industrial cybersecurity topics and features industry experts covering everything from ransomware to critical infrastructure to supply chain attacks. Tune in to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, threats and tactics. Hosted by Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall. 

Ep. 17: Matt Leipnik on Getting Cybersecurity Buy-In

While spending money to prevent an attack is a lot cheaper than the cost of remediating a successful attack, it can still be hard to get C-suite buy-in for increased cybersecurity, and especially an increased cybersecurity budget. This week, we talk to Matt Leipnik of Nexus Controls about getting C-suite buy-in. Read the article here.

Ep. 16: Moty Kanias on Insider Attacks

Companies spend countless dollars and man hours trying to keep outside attackers from breaching their systems, but what about attacks that come from the inside? This week, Moty Kanias of NanoLock discusses insider attacks and how you can protect yourself from them. Read the article here.

Ep. 15: Yair Attar on Asset Management

There’s an old saying in cybersecurity: You cannot protect what you cannot see. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to truly understand their environment. This week, Yair Attar of Otorio discusses why you need better asset management and how to get there

Ep. 14: Ryan Heidorn on the CMMC

The Department of Defense is rolling out the CMMC to help standardize cybersecurity for defense contractors and vendors. Why? Because we’re losing IP at “an insane rate.” In this week’s episode, Ryan Heidorn of Steel Root discusses what you need to know about the CMMC. Read the article here.

Ep. 13: Rick Peters on the New OT Threat Landscape

As more assets have become connected over the last few years, there has been an exponential increase in attacks on OT systems. How can you keep OT secure? In this week’s episode, Rick Peters, retired former CISO at Fortinet, discusses industrial espionage, IP threats and why cybersecurity must be a team sport. Read the article here.

Ep. 12: Josh Eastburn on Edge Computing

Edge computing provides many benefits to organizations, but it also opens up new attack surfaces threat actors can exploit. In this week’s episode, Josh Eastburn of EMQ Technologies discusses the benefits and cyber risks of edge computing and how it can help span the IT/OT divide. Read the article here.



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