The ICS Pulse Podcast discusses major industrial cybersecurity topics and features industry experts covering everything from ransomware to critical infrastructure to supply chain attacks. Tune in to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, threats and tactics. Hosted by Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall. 

Ep. 2: Eric Byres on the Supply Chain Attacks

Protecting the supply chain is more important than ever, especially with the rise in supply chain attacks. Why are these attacks so prevalent, and what can be done about them? Eric Byres, CTO of aDolus, provides insights on supply chain risk, government interventions and how SBOMs can help.

Ep. 1: Haley Turner on Ransomware

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Ransomware attacks are surging, with major companies like Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods in the crosshairs. Why is it on the rise, and what can be done about it? Guest Haley Turner, director of industrial security at Darktrace, talks to us about the IT/OT spillover effect, targeting ICS systems, and the threat to critical infrastructure.



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