The ICS Pulse Podcast discusses major industrial cybersecurity topics and features industry experts covering everything from ransomware to critical infrastructure to supply chain attacks. Tune in to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, threats and tactics. Hosted by Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall. 

Ep. 22: Jesus Molina on the Biden National Cyber Strategy

The Biden-Harris administration recently released their National Cybersecurity Strategy. This week, Jesus Molina of Waterfall Security joined us to discuss the new policy’s impact on critical infrastructure and the increasing physical consequences of cyberattacks.

Managing vulnerabilities on industrial devices can be a tedious and time consuming process. This week, Eric Byres of aDolus Technology discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with managing vulnerabilities, as well as software bill of materials (SBOMS) and asset visibility.

Critical infrastructure is under attack like never before. The only way to protect it is through a public-private partnership, where both sides are working together for the common good. This week, Victor Atkins of 1898 and Co. talks critical infrastructure, regulations and IT/OT.

In 2022, industrial facilities and organizations saw a continuous increase in cyberattacks year-over-year — especially ransomware. This week, we talk to Ben Miller of Dragos about Dragos’s 2023 Year in Review.

With new government intervention in the cybersecurity space, discussion around vulnerabilities, risk management and SBOMs has increased. This week, we talk to Thomas Pace of Netrise about the state of cybersecurity.

While spending money to prevent an attack is a lot cheaper than the cost of remediating a successful attack, it can still be hard to get C-suite buy-in for increased cybersecurity, and especially an increased cybersecurity budget. This week, we talk to Matt Leipnik of Nexus Controls about getting C-suite buy-in. Read the article here.



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