The ICS Pulse Podcast discusses major industrial cybersecurity topics and features industry experts covering everything from ransomware to critical infrastructure to supply chain attacks. Tune in to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity trends, threats and tactics. Hosted by Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall. 

Ep. 31: Mike Nelson on Building a Cyber Strategy

When it comes to OT cybersecurity, too many companies are asking the same question: Where do we start? This week, Mike Nelson of CyberCX joined us to discuss the value of security testing, why organizational buy-in is essential and what companies can do to get started on OT security.

Armis recently released research identifying the riskiest devices to the key critical infrastructure industries of manufacturing, utilities and transportation. And they’re not exactly easy to avoid. Carlos Buenaño of Armis talked to us about the new research, the impact of the XIoT and how to defend your systems.

Artificial intelligence is changing the nature of cybersecurity for both the defenders and the attackers. This week, Ethan Schmertzler of Dispel joined us to discuss the future of AI in cybersecurity, the ethical considerations around AI and AI’s scary impact on social engineering attacks.

Two-thirds of manufacturers believe their environment is too difficult to defend, and 86% admit manufacturing functions are running on outdated and unsupported legacy systems. Shishir Singh of Blackberry joined us to discuss his company’s new manufacturing cybersecurity study.

MES systems can be targeted by attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, intellectual property and production processes. Sung Kim, of iBase-t, joined us to discuss why MES are prime attack vectors and what can be done about it.

You should never trust strangers. This same concept applies when protecting your operational technology (OT) devices. Dennis Hackney, adjunct professor at Texas A&M University and cybersecurity practitioner, joins us to discuss zero trust in OT and how it applies to other standards.



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