Cyber Awareness, Ep. 7: Eric Byres on Why OT Is a Target

As our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series continues, we welcome back Eric Byres, CTO of aDolus Technology, to discuss how cybersecurity regulations are improving, why OT is a juicy target for attackers and where AI […]

Cyber Awareness, Ep. 2: Mike Nelson on Avoiding Scams

For the second episode of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we welcomed back Mike Nelson, of CyberCX, to discuss avoiding scams, the real-world implications of cybersecurity and the realistic hacking scenes in “Mr. Robot.”

Ep. 35: Steve Stone on the Hard Truths of Data Security

Cyberattacks are inevitable, but too many organizations aren’t prepared. According to a new report by Rubrik, 96% of leaders are concerned their organizations will be unable to maintain business continuity if they experience an attack. […]

Ep. 34: Jeff Kramer on Cybersecurity Marketing

At trade shows and conferences, companies are constantly boasting about their cyber solutions’ amazing features. But how do you cut through the marketing speak and figure out whether it’s actually valuable for your company? In this podcast, we […]

Ep. 32: Leah Dodson on Cybersecurity Communication

For some, cybersecurity can still seem like magic — especially on the OT/ICS side. But if you break it down into its core components, anyone can get on the path to effective cybersecurity. This week, Leah […]

Ep. 30: Carlos Buenaño on the Riskiest OT/ICS Devices

Armis recently released research identifying the riskiest devices to the key critical infrastructure industries of manufacturing, utilities and transportation. And they’re not exactly easy to avoid. Carlos Buenaño of Armis talked to us about the […]