Thomas Pace, CEO and Co-founder, Netrise

Thomas Pace is the Co-founder and CEO of Netrise. Prior to founding Netrise, he spent 16 years working in security across multiple roles and disciplines, from serving in the United States Marine Corps, to being responsible for ICS security within the Department of Energy, to most recently serving as Global Vice President for Cylance.

For the eighth episode our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we’re happy to bring back Thomas Pace, co-founder and CEO of Netrise, to discuss why supply chain attacks are soaring, how the government is taking some positive cyber steps and how Sandra Bullock is here to save us all.

With new government intervention in the cybersecurity space, discussion around vulnerabilities, risk management and SBOMs has increased. This week, we talk to Thomas Pace of Netrise about the state of cybersecurity.