Victor Atkins, Director of Executive Advisory Services, 1898 and Co.

Victor Atkins is the Global Director of Executive Advisory Services for Industrial Cybersecurity at 1898 and Co. He’s also a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council and spent years working in the government with the U.S. Department of Energy in intelligence and cyber intelligence and with the National Security Council.

In the fifth episode of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we welcomed back Victor Atkins, global director of executive advisory services for industrial cybersecurity at 1898 & Co. He talked about the increasing collaboration around cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Critical infrastructure is under attack like never before. The only way to protect it is through a public-private partnership, where both sides are working together for the common good. This week, Victor Atkins of 1898 and Co. talks critical infrastructure, regulations and IT/OT.