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Cybersecurity Roundtable: IT and OT compliance

IT and OT Insights IT and OT should be assessed differently from one another. However, if there is a set list of tasks to do with them working together, it must get done, which allows […]

Throwback Attack: Elfin team changes tactics

In recent years, cybersecurity in critical infrastructure has been at the forefront of people’s minds. With attacks on the U.S.’s critical infrastructure, such as Colonial Pipeline, Kemuri Water Company and many more, cybersecurity threats aren’t […]

Throwback Attack: Bad Rabbit ransomware hops across Europe

In 1989, the first known ransomware attack occurred; 33 years later we are still being faced with more varied and complex ransomware incursions. Over the years, threat actors have found innovative ways to exploit vulnerabilities […]

Throwback Attack: MiniDuke malware attacks 23 countries

While governments and organizations are attacked daily, some attacks leave little, if any, damage. It really depends on the sophistication level of the threat actor, which varies with each hack. However, there can be a […]

Throwback Attack: Petya, the red skull of ransomware

When people think of ransomware, they often picture a screen blinking with an ominous skull and crossbones image, indicating that something bad is happening. In fact, search for any ransomware attack, and there’s about a […]

Christina Miller
Christina Miller is the assistant content editor at CFE Media and Technology.