Colonial Pipeline attack debrief and lessons

In the past decade, we have seen an alarming increase in attacks on critical energy infrastructure, with cyber incidents occurring across any number of geographies and industries. Common attacks can involve ransomware on a corporation’s […]

System integrators’ role in the OT cybersecurity crisis

Whether it’s the shift toward remote work or the growing importance of digital business, trends that have been around for years have only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This holds true for the digital […]

Improve legacy critical infrastructure protection

Distributed network protocol 3.0 (DNP3) is the second most-widely used serial communications protocol in industrial control systems (ICS), after Modbus. As EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) mentioned in a 2019 technical update: “it is the […]

Ignoring cyber risk is dangerous to society and your bottom line

To anyone working in cybersecurity, it is not news that just about every critical infrastructure industry is significantly behind on their path toward cybersecurity maturity. There continues to be a fundamental friction between the estimation […]

Robert Fairfax
Rob Fairfax, financial officer, Cynalytica