Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: May 2023

Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology

Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse’s top 5 articles from May 2023 covered industrial incident response, the threat of nation-state attacks on the energy sector and closing the cybersecurity skills gap. Here is our top-performing content from the past month.

1. Ep. 25: Lesley Carhart on Industrial Incident Response

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

Need to get to the bottom of a hack or cyber issue? Incident response is a regimented and strategic approach to managing cyberattacks that can help minimize damage, speed recovery time and limit total costs. Lesley Carhart of Dragos joined the Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse Podcast recently to discuss their unorthodox path to industrial cybersecurity, some buggy incident response stories and why cybersecurity needs to be more inclusive.

2. Ep. 24: Clint Bundy on Cybersecurity Mergers and Acquisitions

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

The cybersecurity market is booming, with new companies coming online regularly and heavy interest from venture capitalists and others in acquiring those companies. The industrial Cybersecurity Pulse Podcast stepped out of its comfort zone to talk mergers and acquisitions with Clint Bundy of the Bundy Group. He joined us to discuss why he’s bullish on the industrial cybersecurity market and what investors are looking for.

3. The threat of nation-state attacks is growing and the energy bosses need to take note

By Matt Watson, CovertSwarm

The energy sector provides and maintains the critical infrastructure that is essential for our daily lives. From heating and powering our homes and offices to fueling vehicles that permit us to travel across the globe, energy is a vital resource. But with an ever-increasing reliance upon technology within the energy sector, the risk of cyberattacks is also increasing. With this in mind, the energy industry needs to ensure steps are taken to boost its security, particularly as the threat of nation-state attacks continues to rise.

4. How to face the industrial cybersecurity talent shortage head-on

By Dino Busalachi, Velta Technology

As digital transformation sweeps through industrial sectors and critical infrastructure, the importance of maintaining cybersecurity defenses for operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) has never been greater. However, a shortage of qualified, experienced cybersecurity professionals to protect this complex machinery has become a major challenge. A company’s ability to protect itself will be largely determined by how well it’s able to resource and cultivate cybersecurity talent.

5. Throwback Attack: Iranian-backed OilRig targets critical infrastructure in the Middle East

By Gary Cohen, CFE Media and Technology

Increased connectivity has produced countless benefits for individuals, society and companies, but it has also created an ever-expanding attack surface. One of the most profitable and potentially destructive targets for attack is critical infrastructure, which provides the backbone of national security and underpins the health and well-being of societies. In 2012, a new attack group appeared on the radar, OilRig. Since its emergence, OilRig has been associated with various cyber espionage campaigns, primarily targeting organizations in the Middle East.




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