Bayshore-GE partnership to secure industrial, critical infrastructure networks

Courtesy of Brett Sayles

Bayshore Networks and GE Digital announced an expansion to their partnership to integrate their solutions to address the growing need to secure industrial and critical infrastructure networks. GE Digital’s OpShield technology will be integrated into Bayshore Networks’ advanced solutions providing sophisticated industrial cybersecurity and active prevention/protection for industrial equipment, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interface (HMIs) and engineering workstations.

GE Digital began working with Bayshore in 2019 to bring cybersecurity support to GE Proficy installations. With this extended Bayshore-GE partnership, the companies look forward to providing customers in all industries with software that includes Bayshore Networks’ advanced cybersecurity technology with GE Digital’s OpShield capabilities.

This Bayshore-GE partnership combines GE Digital’s OpShield security technology with Bayshore’s Deep Content Inspection and Advanced Policy Learning and Enforcement, enabling Bayshore to create an integrated product line, to be called OpShield NextGeneration. Bayshore will be the exclusive provider of this combined technology to customers worldwide through GE Digital, Bayshore, and other sales channels.

OpShield NextGeneration can protect most HMI and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems from unauthorized and potentially high-risk or dangerous network activity such as unscheduled configuration changes, unscheduled maintenance events, indicators of reconnaissance and surveillance, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, network spoofing and piggybacking.

“Industrial companies will now usually agree that they have hosts and applications which are no longer separated, or ‘air-gapped’ off for safe, isolated operations from the rest of the company or from outsiders and the internet.” said Sid Snitkin, vice president cybersecurity advisory services, ARC Advisory, “These types of systems are susceptible to certain OT network attacks. And with the influence of the pandemic, the industrial attack surface and the resulting cyber risk just continues to increase.”

“Bayshore understands industrial protocols and can easily retrofit into existing network deployments without having to change existing infrastructure, security practices, or even configuration changes to the equipment,” said Kevin Senator.

Bayshore Networks will begin offering the current OpShield product line to customers in late Q1 with an intended launched of OpShield NextGeneration in 2021 that covers most major PLC vendors with leading edge active protection.




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