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Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: November 2023

Courtesy of Brett Sayles

Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse’s top 5 articles from November 2023 helped prepare readers for a busy holiday season — from a hacking standpoint. Every year as the holidays approach, staffing levels go down, and attacks ramp up. These pieces of content will help you prepare for whatever the holidays throw at you. Our top pieces covered everything from proactive cybersecurity to the impact of large language models to increased holiday threats. Here is our top-performing content from the past month.

1. Cyber Awareness, Ep. 12: Madison Horn on Proactive Cybersecurity

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

In the 12th and final episode of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we welcomed first-timer Madison Horn, CEO of Critical Fault and Congressional candidate (OK-05). She discussed the need to move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity, the value of the shared responsibility model and the rise of quantum computing.

2. Cyber Awareness, Ep. 11: Steve Stone on Why Breaches Are Inevitable

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

In the 11th episode of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month podcast series, we brought back Steve Stone, head of Zero Labs at Rubrik. He discussed how both sides will try to use generative AI, why you should assume breaches are inevitable and how the show “Parks and Recreation” tackled cybersecurity the Ron Swanson way.

3. Ep. 36: Ganesh Chellappa on large language models in cybersecurity

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

Artificial intelligence is beginning to play a larger role in protecting operational technology. From threat detection to vulnerability management, AI can speed up certain processes and prevent hacks and attacks. On this podcast, we talked to Ganesh Chellappa of ManageEngine about large language models and their role in protecting OT devices and networks.

4. The most wonderful time of year for hackers: Why industrial cybersecurity matters more than ever during the holidays

By Dino Busalachi, Velta Technology

The holiday season is famously “the most wonderful time of the year” — but it’s also prime time for cyberattacks on manufacturing and critical infrastructure. As employees take time off and businesses wind down operations over the holidays, cybercriminals ramp up. This dichotomy of focus creates a perfect storm of risk that most organizations are ill-equipped to weather. But with a few precautionary steps, organizations can stay off hackers’ “naughty lists” and keep operations running safely this winter.

5. eBook: IT/OT Convergence – Fall Edition

By CFE Media and Technology

Historically, information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) have functioned independently in manufacturing, but digital transformation has made the relationship between the two sides closer than ever. In this new environment, IT and OT must work together. This eBook includes stories on assessing your Industry 4.0 journey, the challenges facing IT/OT convergence and OT security lessons from the IT playbook.




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