Top 5 ICS Pulse Articles: September 2023

Courtesy: Brett Sayles

Industrial Cybersecurity Pulse’s top 5 articles from September 2023 covered how to cut through cybersecurity marketing speak, why most organizations aren’t prepared for cyberattacks and why security testing should be part of your cyber strategy. Here is our top-performing content from the past month.

1. Podcast Ep. 34: Jeff Kramer on Cybersecurity Marketing

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

At trade shows and conferences, companies are constantly boasting about their cyber solutions’ amazing features. But how do you cut through the marketing speak and figure out whether it’s actually valuable for your company? On the ICS Pulse podcast, we talked to Jeff Kramer, EVP of digital transformation and cybersecurity at Aprio, about how to filter through the marketing noise, the challenges of compliance frameworks and security in the cloud.

2. Podcast Ep. 35: Steve Stone on the Hard Truths of Data Security

By Gary Cohen and Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

In the modern environment, cyberattacks are inevitable, but too many organizations aren’t prepared when they actually occur. According to a new report by Rubrik, 96% of leaders are concerned their organizations will be unable to maintain business continuity if they experience an attack. In a recent ICS Pulse podcast, we talked to Steve Stone, head of Zero Labs at Rubrik, about how to build cyber resilience in the face of attacks on OT and critical infrastructure and why data security is at risk.

3. Security Testing as a Cyber Strategy: ICS Pulse Podcast, Mike Nelson, CyberCX

By Tyler Wall, CFE Media and Technology

Nobody should be just sitting around and waiting for a cyberattack to occur. Taking a reactionary approach to protecting your systems could create delays and downtime, exposing your networks and information to greater risk. Recently, ICS Pulse talked to Mike Nelson, director of strategy and consulting at CyberCX, about the kind of cyber strategy companies should be applying to be proactive. He dives into the importance of security testing and how the industry has grown into adopting cybersecurity tactics.

4. Getting Started With Incident Response: ICS Pulse Podcast, Lesley Carhart, Dragos

By Gary Cohen, CFE Media and Technology

The first time you think about incident response and cybersecurity foundations should not be the day your company gets hit with a massive ransomware attack or is the victim of a supply chain incident. Unfortunately, that’s too often the case. Getting prepared for a cyberattack and coming up with an incident response plan can be the difference between a company continuing operations or closing up shop. ICS Pulse recently talked to Lesley Carhart, director of industrial control system security incident response at Dragos, about the dangers of supply chain compromise, how to get started with an incident response plan and why preparation is key.

5. Webcast: Leveraging Industry Standards to Address OT Challenges

By CFE Media and Technology

In recent years, the industrial automation and control systems/industrial control systems/operational technology (IACS/ICS/OT) on which much of our critical infrastructure (CI) and related industries depend, have frequently become the target of cyberattacks. In part, this is a consequence of the inevitable convergence of operational technology with information technology (IT). However, while the impact of a security breach on most IT is limited to a financial loss, the potential risk of destroying equipment, threatening national security and even endangering human life also adds to ICS/OT attacks. One of the greatest challenges is the selection of the right security controls compliant with ICS/OT industry regulations, standards and frameworks.




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