New Sonar platform could help prevent phishing attacks

Courtesy of Brett Sayles

Sonar phishing detection insights

  • Sonar is an AI-enabled browser extension designed to detect phishing emails and enhance cybersecurity.
  • Phishing attacks have been automated with AI tools, and their frequency is expected to increase in the future, making them a significant cybersecurity threat.
  • Sonar is based on large language model technology similar to ChatGPT and helps users identify phishing emails in the evolving landscape of cybercrimes.
  • Sonar will provide warnings to users about the likelihood of an email being a phishing scam and explain the factors that contributed to the evaluation.

As artificial intelligence (AI) tools have become more prevalent, social engineering attacks have been on the rise. Cybersecurity company NordVPN recently launched its first experimental project under the NordLabs platform, an AI-enabled browser extension called Sonar that aims to help internet users detect phishing emails and protect themselves from cybercrimes.

“AI tools have facilitated the automation of a significant portion of phishing attacks, and it is anticipated that the frequency of such attacks will escalate in the future, posing a significant cybersecurity threat. With this new release, we aim to fight fire with fire. Sonar is based on the large language model technology used by ChatGPT, so it will help internet users better identify phishing emails in the changing environment of cyber crimes,” says Vykintas Maknickas, the head of product strategy at Nord Security.

Developed by NordVPN’s team of engineers and developers, Sonar will warn users on how likely it is that the email they received is a phishing scam. It will also point out which aspects of the email affected evaluation results and explain what signs to look out for. As of today, Sonar will be available for Gmail users on Google Chrome with more platforms to follow.

Anyone who has already signed up on the NordLabs platform can expect approval to install and test the Sonar browser extension. Unregistered users can sign up for the waiting list to access Sonar and upcoming experimental projects.

“We invite everyone to test Sonar and future experimental projects completely free of charge and provide us with feedback. It will help us, the technology community, and every internet user to understand the best ways to curb cutting-edge technologies for a better and safer internet,” says Maknickas.

Recently, NordVPN launched NordLabs – a platform to explore emerging technologies, such as AI, and create new tools and services to ensure the security and privacy of internet users.  The company is planning to launch another project in the NordLabs platform in September, an AI-enabled tool called Pixray that will help to distinguish AI-generated images from those created through traditional means.




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